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Olive ​– marinated olives with​ citrus zest, calabrian chili, confit garlic, caper berries, rosemary, anise 
Giardiniera di Agrodolce ​– traditional northern italian style sweet & sour pickled vegetables 
Bagna Caôda – “hot bath” of olive oil, anchovies, garlic, & butter with raw & poached local vegetables
Ascolani – fried olives filled with red wine braised oxtails, caramelized onion, parmigiano, rosemary 
‘Nduja – house cured Stemple Creek Ranch pork spicy, smoky, spreadable calabrian salumi, pickled red onion, calabrian chili, pickled Lonely Mountain Farm’s peppers, grilled Acme levain
Bruschetta​ – cannellini beans crushed with slow cooked garlic, rosemary, evoo & chili flakes, roasted Tenbrink Farm’s jimmy nardello pepper & caper condiment, tinned anchovies, radicchio


Lumache –​ escargot braised with veal jus, porcini, anise, fennel, garlic & white wine served with creamy polenta, gremolata, olio extra vergine di oliva

Tonno e Fagioli –​ olive oil poached albacore tuna, gigante beans, Tenbrink's jimmy nardello peppers, fennel, capers, preserved lemon, bottarga, breadcrumbs, Tenbrink’s olio nuovo extra vergine di oliva
Barbabietole – marinated Fifth Crow Farm’s beets, gorgonzola picante spuma, mountain berries, toasted pecans, orange blossom honey, mustard greens, chardonnay vinaigrette
Insalatina ​–​ Star Route Farm’s greens, K&J apples & asian pear, Dirty Girl chicories, radish, fennel, cusie al malto d’orzo e whiskey, hazelnuts, pomegranates, apple cider & mustard vinaigrette, saba
Acciughe – marinated house cured local anchovies, Fifth Crow Farm’s artichokes braised with tomato, red onion, taggiasca olives, capers, citrus zest & white wine, salsa verde, Star Route Farm’s greens
Prosciutto di San Daniele – gnocco fritto, K&J marinated pears, mint, olio extra vergine di oliva, 3 year aceto balsamico di modena


Tajarin al Tartufo Bianco d’Alba – traditional 40 yolk piemontese thin cut pasta, parmigiano-reggiano, butter, sage, 5 grams of shaved Alba White Truffles
Tortellini en Brodo –​ filled with Schmitz Ranch poached chicken, matsutake mushroom & parmigiano, served in a chicken & matsutake consume with poached matsutake mushrooms
Pappardelle ​–​ 10 hour bolognese-Rossotti Ranch veal, Schmitz Ranch dry aged beef, Stemple Creek pork, prosciutto di san daniele, soffritto, baby spinach, parmigiano-reggiano
Strozzapreti – "Priest Stranglers" with a slow roasted Stemple Creek Ranch lamb shoulder ragu, fennel, Star Route Farm's brocoli rabe, preserved lemon, lamb jus, rosemary, pecorino-romano 
Caramelle –​ pasta parcels filled with Fifth Crow Farm’s coal roasted beets, pecorino, ricotta & lemon zest, served with Star Route Farm’s cone head cabbage braised with caraway, thyme, burro fuso
Malloreddus – saffron semola pasta with Schmitz Ranch spicy pork fennel sausage, tomato sugo, caramelized onion, pecorino, toasted breadcrumbs
Triangoli – filled with roasted Tenbrink Farm’s autumn squash, mascarpone, parmigiano, warm spices, served with brown butter, sage, toasted hazelnuts, K&J pomegranates, saba


Pesce al Sale – local black cod roasted under salt & herb crust, fried cauliflower & brussel sprouts, anchovy & caper condimento, chili, pickled red onion, cauliflower passato
Anatra – Liberty Farm’s duck leg confit, braised Star Route Farm’s cone head cabbage, grilled polenta, king trumpet mushrooms, brown butter K&J apples, fire roasted chestnuts, duck jus
La Fiorentina
​–​ 1 kilo (35 oz) Schmitz Ranch dry aged grilled porterhouse steak, corona beans, balsamic braised radicchio, gremolata, bone marrow,
15 year aceto balsamico tradizionale di modena

Il Pesce Grosso – choice of whole fish grilled over oak coals, shaved fennel & herb salad, salsa verde, calabrian chili, crushed castelvetrano olives, grilled lemon, sicilian extra virgin olive oil
Spanish Mackerel – Maine 
          Serves 1-2 people.
          Rich, full flavor, delicate texture.
Tai Snapper – New Zealand
          Serves 1-2 people.
          Delicate, sweet flavor & firm flaky texture.
Petrale Sole – Fort Brag
          Serves 2-4 people.
           Light, flaky texture & sweet, briny flavor.

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